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Erik Neve - Owner

  • 30 years of experience as a Business Advisor/Entrepreneurial Coach and as an independent Entrepreneur

  • Highly developed empathetic and analytical power

  • Practical attitude, “hands-on” mentality, performance-oriented, stimulating and motivating towards entrepreneurs

  • Perfectionist, not easily satisfied and critical

  • An important network of Lawyers, Civil-Law Notaries, Accountants and Entrepreneurs

  • Contributed to start-up of many companies with Dutch and foreign owners


  • University of Amsterdam: Doctoral student degree in Economics, Macroeconomics, Public Finance, Statistics, Economic Sociology and Econ. History

  • HEAO/Higher Economic School (HES)-Amsterdam: Associate Degree, Commercial Economics, Marketing, Market Research, Consumer Psychology, Private and Public Law

  • MEAO Godelinde Naarden: Diploma, Accounting Direction

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