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Business plan

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With us creating your Business Plan you, as an entrepreneur, gain insights to the market you are going to enter with your business proposal.


The business plan also pays attention to relevant marketing models and a financial plan is drawn up for your Company.

Our plans follow the official guidelines and are an important tool when applying for financing from a Bank, Crowdfunders and other investors. The final plan is solid and will be appreciated by the relevant investor.

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Corporate Finance


We advise and support you in finding suitable financing for your investments, not only if you want to start a business but also for an existing business.

We have an extensive network and contacts of lenders of risk-averse capital, such as Banks and Crowdfunders, as well as, providers of risk-bearing capital such as informal investors. This means that we have a wide choice of financing options that we can present to you.

Points for attention are: Reliability, solvency and liquidity, quality of the Entrepreneur and profitability of the company.

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Market Analyses

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An important part of the Business Plan is the market analysis. The marketing plan should state clearly how you will find your customers.


Describe in detail the market you want to enter, what developments you see there, whether you benefit from it or oppose it, who your competitors are, who your potential customers are and how you think you can win them.

We can perform this analysis for you, mainly using data, information and figures that are publicly available and provided by you.

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 Administration and Taxes

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Our administrative services for SME's, Start-Ups and Freelancers based in the Netherlands are:

  • Conduct Business Administration

  • VAT declarations

  • Corporate tax return

  • Income tax return

  • Consultation with tax authorities

  • Compile annual accounts

  • Prepare periodic Financial Statements

  • Declaration of Income Self-Employed Entrepreneur

Business Consultation
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Expat Services

Foreign self-employed Entrepreneurs who are interested in starting their business in the Netherlands may be eligible for a residence permit if they can proof that their business adds value to the Dutch economy.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs has developed a points system to assess the applications. Points are awarded based on experience, education, business plan and added value.

Neve Consultancy can provide the business plan in accordance with the requirements of the IND. We do this in close cooperation with a network of immigration Law Lawyers.

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